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Dr. Steven L. Ash

Dentist in Centralia, WA

Ash & Roberts


I feel like my story is mainly about the people in my life
.  Here are some highlights that have shaped me.

I am the oldest of four sons. My father was a builder in Olympia, and mom kept the books for the business.  They have always been the most incredible role models. At dinner, we would hear Dad talk about his business and his philosophy of life. Dad was a real hero for us boys. I still strive to emulate him, and it greatly impacts the way I approach each day in the office. Dad always put his customers first, and it paid off ("A good name is to be chosen rather than great riches, and favor is better than silver or gold"). He never lacked for business, and built beautiful custom homes for some of the nicest people you could ever meet.  Dad completed our dental office in 1994 at the age of 70; It was his last big project.

Mom can talk to anyone––no one is a stranger to her. After Dad developed health problems, Mom cared for Dad relentlessly. Eventually, when he was placed in a full time care facility mom made it her business to be with him from breakfast to bedtime. Mom still lives in a home Dad built about 50 years ago.

Growing up I loved hiking and camping. I worked several summers as a counselor at Camp Thunderbird—I was an Eagle Scout. I graduated from Olympia High School.

I met Bobbi at PLU where I majored in Biology. We were married half way through dental school. After moving to Lewis County in 1978, we had two children together, Gabe and Sarah. Bobbi home schooled the kids until her death in 1992 after a three year battle with breast cancer. Bobbi had a sweatshirt with a caption that pretty much capsulated her life. It read: "Radically Saved."

Gabe is married to Julie (Locke). They were both college athletes (basketball and Volleyball/track respectively) at PLU. After PLU, Gabe earned a MSW degree, and currently works with the homeless at Drexel House in Olympia. Julie is a dedicated stay-at-home mom, caring for our only grandchild Naomi (6/22/09).

Sarah played volleyball and basketball, and was ASB President at Centralia High.  Sarah is currently Student teaching through Saint Martin's University. Sarah married Levi Althauser (long-time patient) June of 2007. Levi is a student at Centralia College, works as a youth pastor, and is remodeling their recently purchased home.

In 1994 Candace and I were married. Candace is a dental hygienist. Candace grew up in Toledo, and was crowned Miss Lewis County in 1978, and Miss Pierce County in 1980. Candace already had a daughter, Hannah. Then we had Miriam together to complete our blended family.  She is an awesome mother to all four kids—but totally into her new role as Grandma.

Hannah is a student at Centralia College. She is our singer, and is currently Miss Lewis County (like Mom). Hannah was second runner-up at the Miss Washington Pageant.

Miriam is a freshman at Centralia High School. She loves the piano, and plays volleyball and basketball. Over the years I have played city league basketball and volleyball.  But my real focus has been family, church(Grace Foursquare) and dentistry.

Not only I am very blessed to work with an extraordinary Staff, but I feel very fortunate to work with Dr. Roberts. Working with Dr. Roberts has increased my love for dentistry many fold. It is wonderful to work with someone who really cares for his patients, and pursues excellence with integrity. Together, we work hard to stay abreast of new techniques and technology. Perhaps we are most excited about completing the curriculum at the Kois Center, a world renowned advanced dental center.  As graduates we will continue to receive updates on new developments at the annual Kois Center Symposium, held every summer. Finally, I am very blessed to have come to know so many wonderful people in our practice. One thought comes to mind every day in the process of diagnosing and treating our patients: "What would I do if this were my wife, child, mother or brother." That one thought makes treatment decisions much easier and demands my very best care every day.

Dr. Brian D. Roberts

Dentist in Centralia, WA

Ash & Roberts


My name is Brian Roberts. I have lived in Washington all my life. I was born in Chehalis at the old St. Helens Hospital. I graduated from Onalaska High School before going into college at St. Martins in Olympia and finally to dental school at the University of Washington, where I earned my degree in 1998.

I have had the pleasure of knowing Dr. Ash for a long time; as he has been my dentist ever since the third grade. The Lord blessed me with an opportunity to observe his office through an internship program during my years at St. Martins. We continued to stay in touch over the years when I was in dental school. After graduation I was again blessed to become an associate with Dr. Ash. Coming back to the area that I grew up to be around my friends and family was important to me.

“Being a dentist does not give me the right to practice dentistry, it merely gives me a license. My patients give me the right to practice dentistry.” This is a quotation that rings true to my heart. I am thankful that patients have chosen me and trust me to provide dental care for them and their families.

With this trust comes the responsibility to continue to grow, learn and always do my best. Dr. Ash and I were fortunate to attend the Kois Center for advanced dental education and graduate from it in the fall of 2009.

During all of this, my biggest blessing has been the meeting of my wife, Amy during college and marrying her during dental school. Since then we have been lucky enough to have four children: Kyle, Kelli, Lexi and Kenzie. I could not be more proud; as these children are the pride and joy of my life. We enjoy our time together going skiing, camping and all kinds of sports all year long. At night during the prayer time with my children I thank God for my family and friends and in the fall I also thank Him for hunting season.

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