Covid–19 Procedures

✓ Covid Screening prior to appointment.

✓ Personalized arrival procedure. Restaurant style notification buzzer so that patients can stay in vehicle.

✓ Hand sanitizing station at front entrance.

✓ Social distancing of chairs in waiting room.

✓ Removal of all magazines, documentation, and water in waiting area.

✓ On screen digital instructions for dealing with Covid.

✓ All patients required to wear masks upon entering office.

✓ Provide tissues/ masks / and no touch trash cans in waiting area.

✓ Record every temperature of patients prior to appointment.

✓ All staff to record temperature daily on log sheet.

✓ Regular cleaning of high touch items in the office.

✓ All pens available for patients are UV sterilized.

✓ UV light boxes for all large items.

✓ Frequent hand washing / sanitizing.

✓ Introduce an oral pre rinse by all patients to reduce exposure to germs.

✓ ULV Cold fogging of high traffic areas / operatories.

✓ HOCL at 200ppm in misting spray bottle to provide one additional cleaning step.

✓ Cavicide wipes.

✓ Enhanced cleaning procedures in front office and in every operatory.

✓ All staff wear enhanced PPE. This includes an N95/KN95 covered by a surgical mask.

✓ Installed HEPA/UV filters in each operatory and large filter in waiting room that analyzes air quality.

✓ Installed ADS EOS Extraoral dental suction system in each operatory. This limits aerosol exposure by 99.9% and goes through a UV light and Hepa filter.

✓ Physical distancing of employees even during break times and staff meetings.